6 Aug 2014

31 Jul 2014

Come Support your Allotment Open Day
This Saturday 12pm-3pm

30 Jul 2014

This is just a quick reminder that SATA has its (regular) begging bowl outstretched seeking, not money, but your time and donations for the Grand Open Day………………………AND IT’S THIS SATURDAY.
Donations, please, in the form of:
Vegetables from your plots,
Fruit – likewise
Flowers – ditto
Home-made produce in the form of Jams and Preserves; Pickles, Chutneys, Cakes, Bakes, Biscuits and Buns
Please bring these to site from 9.00 onwards on Saturday morning
Tombola prizes – Please contact Shannon Carr asap on 07802 522 840 to arrange delivery/collection

17 Jul 2014

We, most of us anyway, use nets to keep birds and ‘varmints’ off of our produce, be it soft fruits, peas or brassicas.  The appeal is – whenever you use nets, to try to keep them tight.  We have had reports from several people where birds have become trapped in loose netting and in 
most cases the birds have wrapped themselves up in the nets and then died either through exhaustion or shock.  I, myself, found a bird trapped in netting on a neighbour’s plot but it expired before I could get back to it with something to cut the net away.  I’m sure you’ll agree it would be an unpleasant death……

The second appeal is far more pleasant………..  It’s our usual appeal for produce, cakes, jams and conserves, etc, etc, to be sold at the Southbys Allotments Open Day.  The produce and home-made items are always very well received by the visitors to the site (as well as plotholders themselves) – if you are able to donate some cakes, jams, pickles, chutneys or anything along the “home-made” line we would be very grateful.  It will all help to boost proceeds that we can contribute to charitable projects.
Thanks and best wishes